❝Was that necessary?❞

"I’ve told you not to touch me, haven’t I?"

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__-- Anonyme said: [sebastian!anon] //eyes flash// You forget that I am a Demon, little one, with heightened sensory input and cognition. Your eyes are undignified with bags, a result of the restless nights you've been having as of late. I can /hear/ your whimpers in the middle of the night. So, I will ask but once more: is /something/ bothering you, Young Master?

You’re being quite the nuisance, Sebastian,” Ciel scoffs, wrinkling his nose in distaste. “Butlers don’t talk down to their masters.”

I have buried you in every place I’ve been. You keep ending up in my shaking hands.

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Ciel views sex in clinical terms —  he knows how it works, and it’s for carrying on the Phantomhive family line and nothing else. He isn’t part of the group who view it as a thing to be enjoyed (and there were plenty of people who did), though he isn’t repulsed by that line of thinking. It’s when people are too forward with their sexuality that he becomes uncomfortable.

Love and romance are also not at the top of Ciel’s priorities, though he does love Lizzie (but it likely isn’t explicitly romantic, thanks to the Westermarck effect, as they grew up together).

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Ciel isn’t happy, but he’s been contented on a few occasions.

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For the most part, Ciel has quite a good grip on reality; he’s a realist rather than an optimist or a pessimist, though he has a tendency to lean toward optimism despite his cynicism. Going beyond the normal problems young teenagers and children have emotionally, Ciel isn’t the most emotionally healthy. His insistence on revenge should be enough evidence of that: though I’m sure at this point he’s at least conscious of the fact that if he decides not to go through with revenge, therefore forgoing his end of the deal, Sebastian will devour him, he’s extremely motivated to obtain it just on his own, regardless of what price he has to pay to get it (hence soul-selling…)

Ciel has certain stimuli that drag him back to that month — and it’s at those times, when he’s reminded strongly enough of the trauma, he finds himself there again and cannot separate himself from the memories. It’s at these times he shuts down and dissociates, breaking away from reality, which impairs his sense of identity/self; his memories of that time are probably altered, as well: although he consciously refuses to forget what happened during that time, his mind has repressed and likely changed things in order to allow Ciel cope with it. 

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Ciel doesn’t get truly angry too much — things like ‘righteous anger’ or what-have-you are reserved for Baron Kelvin and his likes — though he’s often annoyed to the point of exploding. He has a short fuse, but Ciel doesn’t usually hold grudges for petty things; he doesn’t find them to be worth wasting time on.


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What the Water Gave Me - Florence + The Machine (Ceremonials)

'Cause she's a cruel mistress
And a bargain must be made


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"I don’t believe you. Is there something the matter? Did you had a fight with someone? Perhaps you are mad at someone? Is it a problem with a girl?"


"A—" —a girl? Ciel makes a face. Truthfully, he’s not sure where he’d have met a girl, unless it were Lizzie. “No. What gives you that idea, Father—?”

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